Hi, welcome to EasyMoney3. I have been involved in internet marketing for over ten years. I have set up this site to help you dear reader to waste less time and money and effort than I have finding out which things work and with things don’t.

I will be developing the site over time to make it relevant and up to date with your needs and help you make the most of your time ,effort and money to growing and developing online income. So check back frequently.

So many people dream of giving up their job, leaving the rat race and sipping drinks on a beach somewhere whilst someone or something else generates them money to allow them to stay ‘On Holiday’. Plenty dream and very few manage for several reasons.

The first is probably the simplest, they don’t know where to start. We live in an era of amazing opportunity. Conventional wisdom said work hard at school get a good job and work slowly up through the ranks until you became the ‘big boss’. Whilst this obviously was possible it was going to take most of your life to get there and then you retire and die……

The most obvious problem with this plan is the length of time it takes to work. The one thing we know we don’t have enough of is time. So how can we improve on this concept. How do we navigate down the long and winding road in the shortest straight line??

Well you could try getting some kind of technical skill so that you can earn more per hour or you could try to set up yourself in business and at least make sure you get to keep most of the money you generate, but both these things just turn into a higher paid job. You spend just as much time but you do make more money. But what if you could use some of this more money to make the process quicker. What if you could use some of this money to invest in your education and make you even more money per hour. What if you could invest in staff so that they will be doing some more of the work. (This is often referred to as Leverage but I’ll explain more later.) What if with this more personal education and more staff investment you could creat a machine which generated money when you are asleep or on that beach sipping nice drinks in the sunset.

Wouldn’t it be better to use some of that more money to invest in yourself and create these money making machines?

But what if you haven’t got any more money? What if you dream these dreams but you are absolutely strapped for cash and can’t invest anything. Well having said that the real aim is to get back your time perhaps at the beginning you could invest some of your time building and creating these machines.

This is where the internet gives us a massive opportunity that certainly wasn’t available to earlier generations. this allows us to create ‘money making machines’ out of the proverbial thin air. Well not quite but you will see later very nearly thin air.

We all buy things from Amazon from time to time and we all are aware that they have huge warehouses to store the stuff in. Thousands of staff to organise the packing and thousands of drivers to do the deliveries. So whilst they certainly they do make plenty of money online, you may think that you can’t compete with them. Well, that is true but surprisingly you can join them.

What if I told you can get paid for selling amazon stuff to other people? It’s called affiliate marketing and once set up you can write a simple blog or make youtube videos about things you find interesting and then if you can purchase that thing through amazon you just include a link from your blog to amazon and if they make a sale they pay you a percentage of the cost. It is that simple.

So there is no need for you to own any premises or purchase any stock or even arrange deliveries. By just sending customers in the direction of Amazon or many other sellers you can get a fee if anyone purchases through your link.

That sounds pretty good doesn’t it. As time goes on I will make separate pages for the different techniques discussed of making money online but for now I will leave a small list of affiliate links for several types of services all of which I have tried and would recommend.

1. WebFire.com

Excellent keyword tools and SEO training , Lots of marketing advice and help. http://www.webfire.com/a/?id=37316&p=1

2.Funancial Training

3.Canonbury Publishing Ltd Quick Fire Betting Affiliate

Online betting training with proven track record. /https://oj209.isrefer.com/go/QFBAR/paulcronin/

4.Social Media Worldwide

A program to escalate your social media marketing for your own business and generate lots of traffic from FREE sources https://os247.isrefer.com/go/araffpr/paulcronin/

5. Rethink Social Media 

Money Growth Mindset training. Pat Mesiti’s University of Success

This man has created more millionaires in Australia than anyone else. He can help you release your mental blockages and release you from your past struggles. http://www.mesiti.com/

8. https://cashflowoptions.com.au/affiliate-portal


9. Online betting school

10. http://onlinebettingschool.com/idevaffiliate/index.php

11.Smart Charts 2 this is a massive online trading platform with training and straggles to help make sure you waste the least amount of your time and lose the least amount of your money. Greg Secker is an internationally recognised trader and I first met him over ten years ago when I first learned how to do options trading. Check this one out first if this is your interest.

First Time Leads https://smartcharts2.com/go?affiliate_id=2107717

Ready to buy Sales Page  https://smartcharts2.com/sales-pageamldz3b1?affiliate_id=2107717

12. Internet Business School

This provides enormous amounts of online internet training at very good value. Dealing with social media, sed, finding traffic etc. They also provide webinars and seminars across the country for those who prefer face to face teaching. https://internetbusinessschool.co.uk/?aff=1413

Over the coming weeks I will provide more detail on all of these and move the links progressively to their own pages but here is the beginning.

This is currently very much a work in progress but I will be adding to it over time and refining it to make it easy to read, easy to navigate and you can check out the wide variety of techniques I have tried, some very successful some not so and unfortunately some outright scams.